Naturya Organic Cacao Nibs – 300gr


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Our cacao beans are sourced from selected plantations, where we help our farmers to innovate methods with minimal environmental impact. Unlike other mass-produced rainforest crops like coffee, cacao cultivation doesn’t cause deforestation – because the cacao actually thrives in the natural shade of the trees. We only source from cacao from sustainable suppliers, committed to the biodiversity in the Amazon jungle.

Mature cacao pods hand-cut by machete, then immediately cut open, the seeds and pulp scooped out. The sweet mucilaginous pulp is left on the seeds during fermentation. Then the fresh raw cacao beans are put in crates and continually rotated using wooden paddles, for optimum aeration and temperature. After fermentation the beans dry naturally in the sun’s rays for a week.
Fully dry, the beans are stored and transported with their skin acting as a natural protective layer. On arrival at the collection centre the beans are carefully cleaned and any poor quality beans removed, before being passed over magnets to remove tiny impurities. They are roasted to develop a complex flavour profile and then carefully winnowed to separate the beans from the husks, finally they are roughly broken into small, crunchy cacao nibs.

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