Dymatize Elite Protein Bar – 15x70gr – chocolate


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Dymatize Elite Protein Bars are a delicious way to provide you with protein both in the gym or on-the go. Formulated with a combination of premium quality proteins, these bars help fuel your busy days.

With 4,2 g – 4,3 g of BCAAs* and low sugar content, Elite Protein Bars are a popular choice whether you are looking to support a specific training program or you simply want a premium quality protein snack. Add in the amazing taste and texture you’d expect from all Dymatize Elite Protein products and it’s the perfect bar to enjoy anytime, anywhere your fitness inspired life takes you.

High in protein: 20 – 22 g of premium quality protein per bar, depending on flavour
Protein supports muscle growth
4,2 g – 4,3 g of BCAAs* per bar, depending on flavour
Low in sugars
Amazing taste and texture
* BCAAs (branched chain amino acids: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) are naturally occurring in protein
Nutrients may vary in flavour – for flavour specific information see nutritional information


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